Is Sequence Board Game As Complex As Chess?

Sequence Board Game Inlaid Hand Made

I purchased the Sequence Board Game for my family this past Christmas so I would say that it was a pretty recent purchase. There are many different things that my family enjoys about this game.

Basically, we quickly fell in love with it from the moment we laid our hands on it. First of all one of the greatest things about this game is that it can be difficult for kids as well as adults, so the playing field is rather level.

One of my most favorite aspects about Sequence Board Game is that it forces you to think a few moves ahead, this is akin to one of the most popular games in the world; Chess. I would not say that the level of complexity of Chess is inherent in this game but then again that would be like comparing apples to oranges.

The main point of this game is to get five chips in a row on your game board. The game board will have two sets of cards printed on it. Then players are dealt their own cards.

The places where you put your chips are based on the type of cards you are holding. Now the real essence of this game shines through when you are forced to think strategically.

For example, will you try to go ahead and complete your own sequence? Or will you instead try to block your opponent from completing their sequence?

It is problems like this that drive the game along and can make it challenging for all ages and yet easily accessible for all ages because there is nothing too complex about this game.

Sequence Board Game is usually played between two or three players. However, I have an excellent twist on allowing your children to participate on an even more level playing field if they are trying to play with adults.

You can set up teams of players to be together. That way a child can be partnered up with an adult and gain that sort of advantage that they wouldn’t have had if they were playing all alone.

This game comes with very long lasting and kid-proof equipment. However, the game pieces are on the somewhat small side so if your little children are running around this game board I would be careful to make sure that they do not end up choking on one of the game pieces by mistake.

It would be rather unfortunate if your child was injured due to a board game. Anyway, one other excellent feature that I would just like to mention about Sequence Board Game is that it comes with two decks of playing cards. So if you were to ever get bored of playing this board game with your family you could simply resort to playing classic card games with them.

I stand behind this game and give it my full blessing. Get away from the television and turn off your screens!

On a day when a storm is brewing or perhaps a lazy Sunday afternoon what better way is there to spend time with your family than being together for a couple of hours while playing Sequence Board Game?

We only have so much time left on Earth and as you get older you truly realize that life is short, don’t spend it zoning out like a zombie but rather cherish the people around you and try to bring them closer to you.

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