Pictureka Flipper Is The Newest Version of The Classic Game Pictureka

PictureKa Flipper Game

Some time ago, my wife tried talking me into buying a new board game for the kids. So I asked her, “Honey which game in particular are you taking about?” She answered, “I am talking about the Pictureka Flipper board game that just came out, it looks like a hilaroius gam eto play!” I could not resist.

I’m not excellent at winning board games, probably being much better at video games, and she beats me at every single board game we play. I took a critcal look at Pictureka Flipper and figured that this time I wouldn’t let her beat me. I would be victorious!

I believed she would not even have an edge over the kids with this game, as well. I really wanted any board game we played to have a reasonable degree of “level playing field” so literally, every person could win any particular round of the game.

So I got the chance to review the game, I was optimistic. Its ratings were great, it used cards with a penguin gimmick, given that everyone likes penguins, right? But does that make for a game with tons of replay value?

Physically, the whole game consists of a penguin sitting on a plastic chunk of ice. Also, the penguin sits on a deck of cards, and the penguin holds out a rubbery flipper to flipe the cards around. Two decks of playing cards complete the package. Pictureka Flipper uses 3 double A batteries.

The cards are stored beneath the penguin’s “ice” base, preventing accidental loss, which we appreciated, but the oversize box and oddly shaped penguin make it difficult to put it all back in the box. Anyway, that’s not a big deal, i figured.

It also says on the box that this game is from ages six and up. I am not able to verify that this statement is particularly precise. Pictureka Flipper can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We have completed this game with my mother (she’s seventy-four years old) just as well as with my youngsters (3 and 6 years old at the time) and my spouse and we have all had a blast. In short, this picture game was probably designed to be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages, shapes, cultures, and sizes.

Squeeze the penguin’s beak to the game started. The penguin spins around slowly, flinging cards out roughly in a circle. A separate deck consists of missions, or descriptions of what to uncover, like some problem, or puzzle to solve. When completed spinning, an LED on the penguin’s head lights up green or red, and avid gamers will need to check the mission card for either the green or red mission, depending on the penguin’s LED color, then identify and collect points for cards with those items.

The LED changes color and the players begin looking for the other clue. Soon, the penguin starts spinning around again and flinging a lot more cards, and the cycle repeats till all the cards have been used up.

From time to time in Pictureka Flipper the penguin can over-fling the cards a bit too much. Do not worry too much, just play the game at a table unless you want to get up and hunt around for cards on the floor. Actually, if you have a sizeable floor, it can be played on the floor. Even if you do end up playing on a table, this can possibly be a great activity for kids to find the cards!

Groups of around 16 players could enjoy this game on a gym-like floor, so it could easily be played as a church group, school or kids club activity. Otherwise, you can take part in a closer setting by playing on a carpet for smaller groups if you don’t have a large space. Nonetheless, Pictureka Flipper is definitely y not restricted to a small group of four like several board games are.

As we played with my 6 and 8-yr-old sons, the 8-year-old kept saying excitedly that he would play this board game again. He was thrilled, and all of us won at least a round each. In reality, my wife, who so excels at these board games, won considerably significantly less than she was used to doing!

Due to the simplicity of Pictureka Flipper, I do not really agree with the suggested age of 6+. Much younger players could also have a lot of fun with this. You in no way know who will win every single round, making it a lot of fun for all family members. I haven’t seen my younger children laugh so hard in a very long time.

Even though Pictureka Flipper does well for me and my loved ones it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t warn you that some people who play this say that their younger kids are confronted by “disturbing” images that they deemed inappropriate.  I think they are talking about the robotic penguin. I guess some extremely sensitive child may have a nightmare or who abut the penguin. However, I’m pretty sure that it’s a safe bet that most kids will not experience this.

This game is really OK with me and my wife and kids. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we have.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pictureka Flipper for families of any size or as a party fixture for any age group of four and up, and that definitely includes adults.

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