Why I Love The Pictureka Board Game

Pictureka Board Game

There are many reasons why I would choose to recommend The Pictureka Board Game, however, I would just like to share with you some of the main ones right here. So read on for more about why you should go out and buy this fantastic board game for you and your family right away!

I used to hear all the time how Parker Bros. or Hasbro games are shoddy and poorly produced, and yet I almost never found this to be the case. This isn’t a super high-quality gaming pack, but the boards are quite well made, thick and are not difficult to maneuver around.

The credit-sized cards are small but they do clearly show what a player is trying to find. Glancing at a single section of the board, I would guess that it would not be difficult to memorize everything that’s on it, but it’s put together in a clever way so that I found myself getting very confused trying to recall where everything was.

The two distinct sides of the boards in Pictureka Board Game are pretty different, while they have many of the exact same photos on them (for the blue picture cards). There are plenty of cartoon-type lines drawn over it, and it’s incredibly busy,  although only in a handful of colors such as red, blue, black, and white. The box easily holds every game component, which includes the thirty-second timer and two dice.

The rules of the game are printed on 1 sheet of paper and are instantly understandable. especially considering that the only thing game enthusiasts have to take into account is printed on four tiny reference cards. The rules are fine, but there is a really serious flaw with the “bidding” phase.

When using the red-colored cards, a player can simply bid an astronomically higher amount. They know that they won’t win the bid, but neither will anyone else. A quick fix on this is to basically have the winning bidder lose a card if they make a mistake. This will cut out the silly bidding. Adult gamers are possibly the only folk who will attempt this kind of nonsense; I haven’t viewed teenagers executing this.

In Pictureka Board Game, personally, I like the blue cards the most, as I like hunting down a single specific picture. The image on the card has no color, and you would be astonished at how adding a bit of color makes the images that significant bit harder to find.

There are also green cards which are printed with words of things that you have to find on the board. All within the time that the timer has left, of course!

Game enthusiasts who have played the game before will know the position of pictures that they have seen before, and this can be a little bit of an issue. This shouldn’t be an issue for participants who have all played the gaming before, as it is then down to the speed of the player.

I like playing with these blue cards because they’re similar to the red ones but with no bidding. There may well be some argument around whether an object is the exact same as what is printed on the card. I have run into this issue, although it’s probably best for the group to simply vote on it when there is a dispute.

Entertaining Aspects of the game: If you like rapidly scanning a mosaic of hundreds of little pictures, then you’ll really like the Pictureka Board Game. Most of the entertainment comes from seeking out all the tiny cartoon details and locating the single image that everybody is looking for.

Luck is absolutely evident in the gaming (with all the die rolling), but it’s a fast enough game that no one will give luck much thought.

Pictureka Board Game is a party-appropriate game. No doubt about it. It can accommodate sizeable groups but six is probably about the maximum that would practical. I do wonder just how much replay potential it has, and the auction rules really bother me; but it’s a game that I can play with my children on equal footing, as we try to earn the 6 cards to win. Play Pictureka fast and play to win!

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