Dominion Intrigue Is The Place I Call Home

The Dominion Intrigue Board Game

There was one big problem that you might have experienced while trying to play Dominion Intrigue a few years ago. You probably would not have found it for sale anywhere. It was usually sold out in many stores because it’s an incredible board game. Some stores were actually even reluctant to keep this game in stock because of the mob of mindless board game zombies that crash through their windows and threaten to eat their brains if they don’t hand it over.

Fortunately, that has now changed and an excellent way for you to be able to get your hands on this game no matter what anyone tells you or makes you try to believe is not to shop around in stores. The best place to get this game is on the Internet. As we know, the web is an amazing piece of technology that connects people from all over the world and enables them to buy stuff like this.

This means that if Dominion Intrigue is being created in a factory overseas somewhere or is being created internationally it is more probable that you would be able to find this game online than in your local area. So I suggest you start looking online if you would like to purchase this game for your amazing well-maintained family.

The last time I played this game it was with four other people. It was a very enjoyable experience and we had a great laugh and hoot all over ourselves. This game truly does wonders for social human interaction.

We are after all individual vessels traveling through this life. Time enclosing in a sense being our higher power. Minutes dividing us into smaller and smaller fragments until a year can seem like a day and then by the time you realize what’s happening your gone.

This is why while you are alive you must interact with your fellow man and woman. Dominion Intrigue is perfect for establishing that long-lost human tradition of intense interaction. This is something that has truly been lost to the technological revolution of the twenty-first century.

This game and board games, in general, are an excellent way for humans to bring themselves back closer to nature.

One bad thing that I would have to say about this game is that there are sometimes not enough pieces for enough people to play. Either there are too many or too little it’s never enough. This is one subtle flaw of this game.

However, I wouldn’t not play Dominion Intrigue because of this error in judgment. That would be an extreme that I am not willing to take, after all, I am not an extremist. But still, it does not change the idea that if you were so inclined to play with a few more extra people you would come upon a problem in which there simply wouldn’t be enough pieces for each of you to fully enjoy every aspect of playing this game.

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