Cranium Conga Will Turn You Into A Mind Reader

Cranium Conga Guess What I'm Thinking Game

Cranium Conga is a true family game that you and your loved ones could definitely be able to enjoy. The best part about this game is that it is very fast paced and it will get your entire family out of its seat to participate. The point of this game is to guess what the other person is thinking.

This is excellent news for those of us with little children who are not able to read or write but can still participate and conceptualize what another person is imagining. That’s one of my favorite parts about playing this game, being older holds absolutely no advantage over being younger.

Many people go on to say that Cranium Conga is one of their most favorite games that are created by Cranium. In fact this is one of the main reasons why I go ahead and recommend this game for you and your family. If you had ever wanted to expand the way your children see and view the world then it is highly advisable for you to go ahead and buy this game for them.

There are many different games out there on the market at the moment but this one definitely takes the cake. It is known for being “ultra-fun” and exciting to participate in a game such as this. One aspect of Cranium Conga that I particularly enjoy myself (even as much as my younger children enjoy it) is when you have to guess what another person is thinking.

I have always believed in the powers of telepathic communication and other mediums of informational transfer between humans. Since we are all created from energy and everything around is based on the same energy field it is highly probable that we are actually able to guess with a high degree of probability and with a standard deviation of only one what another person is thinking at the moment.

I also believe that developing such a skill early in life could help a person go through the rest of their days with higher levels of intuitive, emotional, and empathetic understanding and other people’s state’s of being. Cranium Conga helps to foster these values.

Does this sound like something that you would like to give to your child? Maybe you are skeptical at first to believe that something such as telekinetic powers are actually available to us in our physical world. Well the best proof of this that I can give is the next time that you are thinking of something and then that very thing will happen out of nowhere.

For example you are thinking about somebody in particular and then out of nowhere they give you a call! Is this a coincidence or were you actually in tune with the energy field that provides the background and medium for our daily existence? I believe it is the latter. Being in tune with this field of energy and being in the present moment are the two keys to eternal happiness and reaching nirvana.

Fostering these abilities within your children from a very early age is imperative to them being happy, successful, well-rounded individuals. It is possible to develop one aspect of these “powers” by playing Cranium Conga with your children as much as possible.

I have been doing this with my own family for quite some time now and I must say we are blessed to have discovered something so truly amazing.

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