Candy Land Celebrates It’s 70th Birthday

Candy Land Board Game Review

Seventy years old! What a number. Usually known as the “Platinum” anniversary of something. This particular Platinum anniversary is of the classic children’s game  Candy Land. The age of it gives you a clue as to exactly why it has stood the test of time. Not too many things in life last this long save for things that carry a special meaning for people.

There is even a special Wikipedia entry about the Candy Land game that details the history going back to 1948!

This game has been played by many generations and is an excellent learning tool for your children to develop the skills they need in life. I am not kidding. I am about to go very deep in depth with my views  on this time-tested Candy Land board game

Why Is Candy Land So Good?

This is a fun, uncomplicated board game for children designed to aid with color and shape recognition. It is a race game in which those who play it are moved from one square to another by drawing color cards from the deck.

This is an excellent starter game for your children. They will be able to understand the fundamentals of all board games just from playing Candy Land.

The newer versions of the Candy Land board game have transformed its rules & regulations a little to make it even much more user friendly. Players are now provided the alternative of playing by the classic or the new rules. Either way, small children will learn their colors and the straightforward help to enable this.

One of my favorite aspects while playing this game with my children when they were very young is that playing this game does not require children to know how to read. Play is based on a child recognizing colours and symbols. This is as complicated as it gets, so it’s a perfect game for small kids who are pre-school age.

This was very encouraging for my children because they were able to fully participate in Candy Land without too much assistance from my side.

the Candy Land Game Board IS Very appealing To Young Toddlers

What Do Kids Learn From Playing Candy Land?

Now, even though this game does not require reading skills it does still teach valuable lessons and offers excellent lessons on how to be an active participant in a game. Why is this so important for your children?

Well, rather than being a casual observer and internalizing that sort of mentality from a young age they are being included on the journey and they learn how to learn from experience (which, after all is the greatest teacher of all). In order to move your pieces within the game your children will have to recognize colors and symbols in order to progress within the game.

This positions Candy Land as an excellent precursor to an elementary school education, where they will learn reading and writing.

Luck Plays An Important Part

Another aspect of this game which I really like is the fact that it is based on luck, probability, chance, divine intervention or however you want to characterize it. This gives children who are very young as equal an opportunity to win the game as any adult can. It’s a good demonstration of the idea that the majority of important situations in life are a mix of both luck and skill.

It teaches them the concept of uncertainty that is so ever pervasive within our society. Nothing is for certain and things can change drastically within a blink of an eye. Candy Land Board Game shows your children to always be prepared for the uncertain and to never give up because fortune can always turn into their direction.

Taking Turns

Candy Land Boardgame Pieces

This game also teaches young children a very basic yet extremely important technique, the idea of takingturns. Taking turns and patiently waiting for your turn are two extremely important concepts that your children need to wrap their heads around at an early age before they grow up.

At first they will not even understand what you are talking about when you try to make them take turns in between game-play. However, as time goes on they will slowly grasp the idea of waiting for their turn and while waiting for their turn to pay attention to their opponent’s movements and be able to plan accordingly their own strategy.

These are essentials that should not be overlooked in your child’s pre-school education. Candy Land serves as a tool to not only bring your family closer together but also to teach your children important life lessons that cannot be found in textbooks or the classroom.

This is your time to “home-school” your children and set them on course for living a righteous life!

Memories of Candy Land

Candy Land has been around for 70 years now and it can still claim its spot as a top children’s game. I know from personal experience that this game has provided me with many excellent memories from when I was a kid.

I remember sitting down with my parents and playing this game all day and night. Those were the days when parents used to ration TV time, much like they ration screen-time now. My folks even told me, many years later, that one time I even sat through fifteen entire sessions of the game. Now that is real staying power!

Candy Land Rules

Candy Land Plus And Minus Points

One problem with this game is that it is not at all a strategy game, it is more of a puzzle game therefore it can take a while to complete. But think of it this way, just because it can take a large chunk of time to get all the pieces in order, isn’t it worth it so that your kids can be able to enjoy themselves with quality parent-time in a learning environment?

What is the real purpose of being a parent if not taking the time to educate your children? Starting from the most basic concepts of colors and shapes, as with Candy Land, to the most advanced strategy games when they are older. Even the simplest and most basic things in life can come jam-packed to capacity with all sorts of lessons. Candy Land is an excellent example of something so simple and yet so powerful in developing a child’s brainpower.

This game teaches the basic concepts of board games in general. For example, the hardest lesson a youngster might have to learn with this game is to wait for their turn.

As parents we often overlook how important the most fundamental of concepts such as rules structure or turn-taking actually are. The younger a chid can learn about these ideas, the better off theuy will be in later life when confronted with structure and rules. They might even learn how to get around rules or how to break rules and become the innovators that geniuses and billionaires are made of!

So from a simple board games like this,  to a complex sport like basketball, rules are an important consideration. Technique, strategy and tactics can be dealt with at a later stage in life, but learning to take turns comes always needs to come first.

Another issue that can arise from playing this game with your children for an extended period of time is that the actual game materials can get spoilt. This isn’t necessarily made out of the highest quality materials and because it is highly affordable at under $20, the actual game cards and pieces are easily bent or broken.

You may find yourself having to replace a worn out set as your second or third children come along. Little kids can be a bit rough and clumsy, and although it’s not their fault, you should expect a game like this to suffer a reasonable amount of wear and tear.

Perhaps the manufacturers of Candy Land game should have taken this into account and created very strong, unbendable or laminated playing cards to preserve them, but then I guess it wouldn’t be so affordable. In any case it shouldn’t be a big deal to spend a few Dollars replacing a worn out set.


In conclusion, even though yes this board game has its faults just as many other board games do, the positives highly outweigh the negatives. 70 years of game-play by millions of kids over several generations attest to Candy Land’s longevity and pure playability.

I used to play this game when I was a child and now I have play it with my own children. Is that the circle of life or what? Talk about a long-lasting game. I see this game surviving far into the future when we are all flying electric cars and living in giant space elevators on Mars. I bet we will still be playing Candy Land with our kids on Mars. Who bets that I’m right?!

How To Play Candy Land Tutorial

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