Why You Should Buy Board Games Today

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Welcome to our site of board game reviews and boardgame news & information. In this day and age of technology, we have become increasingly more isolated from each other every day. As families get older they tend to get more distant and grow apart. Even when kids are younger, parents and their children are often found in separate rooms of the house.  It’s not uncommon to find that parents are watching television while the kids are in their rooms glued to their device screens. This is a breakdown of traditional family values.

Increasingly, our kids are being raised and entertained by strangers. What do I mean by strangers? Basically, I mean people that they do not know on T.V. screens, computer screens and cell phone screens.

Whatever has happened to genuine social interaction? Our children are not actively involved in their activities rather they are passively watching examples of others performing activities on screen. (i.e. T.V. shows & computer games).

It is about time that parents took a stand!

Board games are an excellent way to spend time with your children. Many kids in actuality would love to remove themselves from their “distractions” because deep down they really are bored of television and computer games. On a deep instinctual level, human beings need to be around each other. The problem with them doing so is that watching television and playing computer games turns into a sort of addiction, an entertainment addiction.

As a parent, you could replace that addiction with a much healthier one that does not involve your children staring into a screen but rather spending time with you. Playing board games fosters social interaction and builds logical, intuitive, emotional, spatial, and creative intelligence. You will see firsthand the remarkable changes your children will go through.

Many board games require intensive foresight and strategic thinking. This is an excellent training ground for your children to develop decision-making and risk analysis capabilities. Perhaps you could brush up on some of these skills yourself.

However, the key difference between let’s say for example you playing a game of Risk or Monopoly and your child playing a game of Risk or Monopoly is that while you may completely forget all lessons learned from the game in a matter of days these lessons become ingrained and instilled inside your child forever.
This is the true strength of being young, the ability to learn right away from the firsthand experience. The best way that a human being can learn an idea or skill is from experience.

Reading about something, or seeing something is not the same as being an active participant and learning from the successes or failures of the decisions you made and the choices you made. These are all excellent reasons why you should go out and buy board games right away for you and your children to start playing tonight!

Remember that childhood lasts for an extremely limited period of time, as your kids get older you will start to see less and less of them. When a child reaches his teens it becomes even more unlikely that they would be willing to spend their evenings with you playing games.

This is usually the age when they go into their own world of friends and computer and games. Before your child hits that age you should train them to spend quality, fun, exciting time with you every night playing all sorts of different board games.

Even though a board game is a much simpler system than an Xbox360 or PS3 an individual can experience even greater high and lows and rushes from playing board games than video games because of the element of active participation and social interaction. Playing board games is an actual “real” mode of interaction such as sports can be.

Anyway, enough trying to convince you guys about playing board games. Check out our website for information about every single board game that has ever been created! Also check out the links at the top of every article for additional information on where to buy those board games, reviews about those board games, and ratings about those board games.

Thanks, and enjoy!